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Did you know there were 158 billion ads done last year alone? There are opportunities for artists like you to make music for these ads. Kovered will help you gain access to these gigs and get a cut of the advertising pie.

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If you're not in music, hold tight. We'll be adding voiceover, acting, and other creative talent in the future.

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Finding talent is time-consuming. Google Searches, Legal Contracts, and Payment Details all take precious resources and time away from the goal- creating an awesome story. Kovered makes this process faster and easier. All so you can focus on what really counts, the work.

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About Us

Kovered is a talent sourcing and workflow management platform for branded entertainment.
Kovered gives artists access to new ways to monetize their work - beyond the status quo. We do this by facilitating the business side of branded entertainment collaborations all on one platform. From discovery to signing to renewing the relationship.

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